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All the analysis, insights, and data you need to run your ocean freight logistics business.

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The Future of Freight

2018 was a year of uncertainty in freight management. But with dynamic change comes new opportunity. In our brand-new whitepaper, we analyze the biggest trends in logistics heading into the new year and beyond so that you can decide how your business will fit into the future of freight. 

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Executive Report: Amazon Moves to Conquer Freight

In our Executive Report, "Amazon Moves to Conquer Freight," we look at the latest logistics activity from the e-commerce leader.

Featuring analysis and insight from our experienced executive team, the report covers what Amazon's freight management strategy means for traditional freight forwarders, and what actions the logistics industry can take to prepare themselves for the rapidly-approaching future of freight. 

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Logistics as a Service

Our whitepaper. "Logistics as a Service," shows you how the right digital solution can help increase your profits, cut costs, and go global (without ever opening another office). We're offering this instant download free to members of our community for a limited time.

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Retailers Who Are Winning at Logistics

Retail and e-commerce companies are making significant deals to take control of their supply chain. Companies like Amazon and Walmart have turned logistics from a liability to a strength. 

In our latest infographic, we explore the biggest deals in retail logistics, and how Freight Forwarders and NVOCC's can adapt to the new normal. 

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Top 20 Global Freight Ports Infographic

Freight forwarding is a global business. More than ever, it’s critical to understand which ports matter the most. That’s why we created our new Infographic, “Top 20 Global Freight Ports.” This resource contains more than just rankings: You’ll learn key facts and insights that can help kickstart or grow your global operations.  

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The CoLoadX Shipping Container Guide

Ever wonder what container is the right fit for your customer's important shipment? The CoLoadX shipping container guide will help you confidently meet your customer's needs with one glance.

This free chart includes size and capacity measurements for eight different type of freight containers, as well as purposes for each container type. 

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