The Freight Forwarding Model Is Unsustainable Without Innovation

The Freight Forwarding Model Is Unsustainable Without Innovation

As part of a panel at the recent Journal of Commerce Logistics Technology Conference, CoLoadX CEO Fauad Shariff spoke about the need for innovation in freight forwarding, citing the failure of retailers who didn’t innovate as a warning sign to traditional logistics businesses: “If logistics doesn’t get fixed, [freight forwarders are] going the way of Sears.”

According to Fauad, innovation is critical to the viability of freight forwarders as more new “digital first” disruptors are entering the logistics space. In describing the nature of the threat posed to traditional freight forwarders by new market participants, he said:

“They’ve all looked at this industry and said, ‘We can do it better ourselves.’”

You can read a full recap of the panel by JOC Senior Technology Editor Eric Johnson here (subscription required and recommended). And check back with the CoLoadX blog in the coming weeks for our views on the future of freight forwarding and logistics.

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By: Petere Pamela on Nov. 9, 2018, 12:31 p.m.