CoLoadX Announces Partnership with TradeHelp

CoLoadX Announces Partnership with TradeHelp

TradeHelp™ and CoLoadXTM have teamed up to deliver new digital trade and logistics solutions for the commodity trading world. Industry leading technology enable traders and consumers to quickly and seamlessly procure and book containerized commodities on one platform.

Every trader and service provider will benefit from a fully integrated, full cycle trading and logistics solution. Users will benefit from the full suite of trading tools such as pre-trade price discovery on commodities and services, as well as digitized end-to-end supply-chain and transportation related services.

Both companies strive to provide the utmost efficient digital solutions for all global trade participants, fostering operational efficiencies, open market opportunities, growth and sustainability.

This Strategic Alliance creates a unique synergy between TradeHelp™ - a global commodity trading marketplace and trade services ecosystem, and CoLoadXTM - a global container shipping marketplace and transportation network. Commodity container shipping solutions are provided by PCMS Logistics. PCMS Logistics is a freight forwarder that has a focus on serving the needs of global commodity shippers.

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By: Petere Pamela on Aug. 15, 2019, 10:16 a.m.