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Closing the Freight Innovation Gap: A Loadstar Q&A with CoLoadX

Apr 11, 2018 1:54:32 PM / by CoLoadX Staff

This article has been updated.

We’re proud to share that CoLoadX CEO and Co-Founder Fauad Shariff was featured in The Loadstar, one of the logistics industry’s leading publications. He provided insights about the inspiration for CoLoadX, the technology gap in freight forwarding, and why logistics professionals should view forwarding as a retail business.

Speaking about the guiding principle behind CoLoadX’s platform model, Fauad outlined why the goal of creating a neutral marketplace is unique compared to other attempts at disruption via digital platforms:

“We do not sell freight services to shippers, and we do not sign contracts with steamship lines. That is how you create a neutral platform.
"Do not disintermediate the freight forwarder and do not try to compete with the NVO’s.”

We’ve often written about the future of logistics, and a common theme is the need for digitization. But we’ve always viewed bridging the tech gap as a way to improve the work of freight forwarders and NVOCC’s, not replace them. As Fauad likes to say around the office, “We’re all honored to be leading the fight for freight forwarders and NVOCC’s worldwide!”

Read the entire Q&A with The Loadstar’s Alessandro Pasetti here.

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Written by CoLoadX Staff

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