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The One Infographic Every Freight Forwarder Needs to Grow Globally

Oct 17, 2017 2:25:07 PM / by Fauad Shariff

Today, we’re proud to announce the release of our newest resource, Top 20 Global Freight Ports. It’s free to download and available today.

This handy colorful infographic will tell you the key facts you need to know about the dynamics of the top ocean freight ports around the world. This original publication, together with our free whitepaper: Logistics as a Service, is part of our growing library of resources dedicated to help our freight-forwarding community meet the challenges of our new global era.

In compiling this infographic, it was important to us that we provide you with more than just a list. That’s why we've included lots of additional information that can give you important insights into how to grow your business globally. Want a sneak peek? Here are some key takeaways we hope you’ll find useful:

How to Go Global without Opening New Offices:

It used to be that doing business in a remote part of the world required opening an office or hiring on-the-ground reps. In our digital age, that should no longer be necessary. But it takes more than just email and spreadsheets to really take advantage of global opportunities. Starting with a good foundational knowledge of key port facts, you can then implement the right tech platform to get a jump on global opportunities without paying salaries or rent.

Why Geography is Still Important:

By using the right tech platform, you can manage your business from anywhere. But freight forwarding (and logistics more broadly) is all about getting cargo from Point A to Point B -- and those points are physical realities, not digital abstractions. For example, this infographic reveals which is the northernmost ice-free port in China, and which Top-20 port specializes in trans-shipment. That’s information you need to know when planning where to allocate resources and deciding which lanes will be most profitable for you.

How to Pick the Right Growth Locations:

Did you know that one of Malaysia’s biggest port didn’t exist 20 years ago? Or that six of the top 10 ports today are in China? The old adage is true: “If you want to catch fish, go where the fish are.” Port stats are changing each year, as yesterday’s fishing villages are transformed into today’s megaports. Why invest in ports that are diminishing in importance when you are able to spot up-and-coming opportunities in some overlooked locations? You need real business intelligence to decide which up-and-coming lanes to focus on, and what it takes to succeed there.

Download your free copy of our infographic here

How Culture Can Grow Profits:

Freight forwarding is in many ways still a personal business. When you are doing business in a wide variety of global markets, it is important to understand and respect your partners’ cultural backgrounds. These can’t be conveyed just by facts and figures. For example, knowing the history of a centuries-old port like Rotterdam can earn you the respect of your business partners there and give you the edge on winning new business.

Plus: A Bonus Resource That’s Hiding in Plain Sight:

In this infographic, we’ve provided a link to each port’s own Website. That might seem like an obvious resource -- just do a Google search, right? But how often have you actually bothered to read about a port in the words of its own administrators? You might be surprised at what you find: valuable news that is under-publicized, new port resources and capabilities, or helpful contacts that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

It’s always been a core mission at CoLoadX to help freight forwarders take advantage of the expanding global economy, which is why we are making this infographic free to our community. We ourselves learned a lot researching and compiling this asset, and we hope it will serve as a useful complement to your next stage of growth.

Please let us know what you think at info@coloadx.com -- we’d love your feedback and suggestions for more whitepapers, infographics, and other resources.

Download your free copy of the "Top 20 Global Freight Ports" infographic today.


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Written by Fauad Shariff

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