The Best of CoLoadX in 2018 (So Far)

The Best of CoLoadX in 2018 (So Far)

Here at CoLoadX, our goal is to keep our friends in the industry informed about the world of ocean freight. The first half of 2018 has been nothing short of eventful in ocean freight and the freight management world. This year, we've written on everything from tariffs, to the blockchain, to retail's big push into forwarding. We're happy to see how many important conversations have sprouted from the happenings in the logistics world. In case you missed any of the biggest news and insights, here are the posts that generated the most buzz in 2018 (so far):

Is Amazon Finally Set to Conquer Freight?


Amazon has mastered the art of delivering its own products to consumers' doorsteps with remarkable speed and accuracy, often relying on partners like FedEx and UPS to do the heavy lifting. But when it introduced "Shipping by Amazon," the e-commerce giant decided to sell its logistics services to third-party retailers and manufacturers -- effectively turning its former partners into competitors. Is this the move that completes Amazon's conquest of freight forwarding? Not quite. Read why here.

How To Be Worth A Billion Dollars in Freight

money boat

How much is a freight company worth in 2018? It’s something you may have wondered about, especially regarding your own business. With venture capitalists pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into companies like Flexport (now valued at more than a billion dollars), a debate has been triggered...what's most important: Profits? Revenue growth? Innovation? We explore the logic behind these factors — and whether those sky-high valuations are justified. Read more.

CoLoadX Explores the Blockchain


The blockchain is here, and we in the world of ocean freight need to be ready to make the most of it. In our two-part series on blockchain technology, we explained the basics of the blockchain before diving deep into why logistics professionals cannot afford to ignore it. including specific examples of how it will affect freight forwarders and the wider world of logistics, these two posts cannot be missed. Read part one here, and part two here.

How Trump Tariffs Could Affect Freight Forwarding


President Trump's announcement of steep tariffs on imported aluminum and steel was bad news for global free trade and the freight industry for a variety of reasons. But we found that the devil was in the details. Here's a breakdown of a topic that will matter to freight forwarders for a long time. Read more here.

The Freight Wars Have Begun

Freight wars

It is a perilous time for freight forwarders and NVOCC’s: e-commerce giants are developing custom in-house logistics solutions, while world's leading ocean-freight carrier announced plans to release a Blockchain-based supply chain platform later this year. The Freight Wars have begun, and your logistics business is a big underdog in this fight. Can you survive the upcoming battle? Read more.

Here are some of our staff picks:

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The Heat Is On Logistics Companies. Here's How to Avoid Getting Burned

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It's been an exciting first half of 2018 at CoLoadX and in the logistics industry. We hope to bring you all the quality information you need to help your business over the coming months. Thanks for reading, and happy shipping!

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