The Best of CoLoadX in 2018

The Best of CoLoadX in 2018

2018 was an unpredictable year for ocean freight. At CoLoadX, we wanted to keep you, the logistics professionals, up to date on the latest news and equip you with the insight and analysis you need to help your business succeed in uncertain times.

During the year we wrote about everything from developing freight technologies, to the e-commerce logistics push, to shifting trade and conservation policies. We never try to just publish news bites: every one of our posts came with analysis on why the latest news was important to freight forwarders and other ocean freight professionals. Our goal has always been to start important conversations within the industry.

In case you missed any of the most interesting discussions, here are the pieces on the CoLoadX blog that created the most buzz from our readers:

The CoLoadX Blockchain Series


Whatever you may think about blockchain technology, one thing became clear in 2018: This is a technology that has the potential to transform our industry and is heralding a revolution that is only getting started. Not sure exactly what the blockchain is? No problem! Our two-part series on blockchain technology contained a primer to get you caught up, plus insight on how it will be used by freight forwarding. It’s never too late to learn.

Read it here and here.

Maersk: Not Your Parent’s Shipping Company Anymore


In September, Maersk announced a restructuring plan that signaled more than just a corporate shakeup: It was the latest move in Maersk’s plan to become an end-to-end supply-chain services company. The announcement signaled a major strategic shift for the world’s largest steamship line, and if they can pull it off, the effect on the rest of the trade supply chain will be enormous.

Read it here.

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Logistics

Apple_Amazon_Logistics (1)

In 2017, we wrote about how retail was taking its first steps into logistics. By 2018, the trend of non-logistics companies having a major impact on supply-chain services expanded well beyond retail. E-commerce behemoths like Amazon, Alibaba, and continued to make waves in freight management, but technology companies like Apple and Google entered the fray as well. With each new development, it becomes increasingly evident that companies outside of the traditional logistics structure will have a major say on the future of freight management.

Read it here and here.

How Trump Tariffs Could Affect Freight Forwarding


The biggest international trade policy news of the year involved the two biggest traders on the global stage. A year-long tariff standoff between the USA and China had a major impact on freight forwarding industry, even as outcomes remain unresolved. Perhaps the single greatest reason for the uncertainty of 2018 was the US-China trade relationship. With a solution still up in the air, freight forwarders had to plan for just about every possible outcome.

Read it here.

How To Be Worth A Billion Dollars in Freight Forwarding

money boat

How much is a freight company worth? More specifically, how much is your freight company worth? The debate raged on throughout the year thanks to big investments in logistics startups. And while the valuations of freight startups has been a divisive topic within the logistics industry, our biggest takeaway was that freight forwarding is having its moment in the investment world spotlight. The question is: can your business get in on the boom?

Read it here.

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And of course, check out our latest whitepaper, The Future of Freight, for insight and analysis on the shipping industry in 2019 and beyond. Download your free copy here.

Future of Freight

We’ve had a fantastic time bringing you the best analysis the logistics world has to offer, and we couldn’t have done any of it without your support. Thank you for reading, and we hope to be your go-to spot for quality insight in the new year.

Happy holidays, and happy shipping!

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