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China-US Trade: Front-Loading Bonanza May Not Last

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Here's Where You Can Shop (And Ship) Year-Round

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The Freight Forwarding Model Is Unsustainable Without Innovation

Green Shipping and the Eco-Friendly Logistics Future

Worried About Tariffs? Here's What You Need to Know

What Really Killed Sears? Hint: It Wasn’t Just Amazon

This Holiday Season is Automated Shipping’s Biggest Test Yet

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At CoLoadX, We Have Quality AND Quantity

81% Faster, 100% Easier Pricing for Your Container Shipments

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Don’t Miss These Five Hidden Opportunities in Global Shipping

Why Freight Forwarders Are the Calm in a Storm

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Summer State of Ocean Freight

Yes, the Port You're Shipping to Matters. Here's Why

Here Are the 5 Essential Logistics Stories of 2018 (So Far)

Ocean Freight Spoiler Alert: Here’s What We’ve Learned

OK Google, Welcome to Logistics

What Does a Trade War Look Like?

Alibaba: Innovator or Fast Follower?

The Best of CoLoadX in 2018 (So Far)

Freightwaves Exclusive: CEO Fauad Shariff Talks Technology and Neutrality

U.S. and China Trade: Take Advantage While the Getting's Good

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The Shipping Container Was Great. So What’s Next?

We're All Going Digital, and It's Still Not Enough

Closing the Freight Innovation Gap: A Loadstar Q&A with CoLoadX

Logistics Innovation: It Ain’t as Easy as It Seems

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Confused by Blockchain? What Logistics Pros Need to Know

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Why Saudi Arabia and the UAE May be the Next Trade Powerhouses

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The Freight Wars Have Begun

These Technologies Will Change Ocean Freight...Sooner Than You Think

Maersk and IBM: Blockchain Blockbuster...Or Neutrality Nightmare?

The Heat Is On Logistics Companies. Here's How to Avoid Getting Burned

Smooth Sailing: Container Shipping Poised for Record 2018

The Best of CoLoadX in 2017

Five Ways China Took the Helm in 2017

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Here Are the Five Most Fascinating Freight Trends of 2017

Maersk Dips Its Toes in Digital: What You Need to Know

Black Friday Numbers Are in and They're Great for Shipping

Here's How to Turbo-Charge Your Career in Freight Forwarding

CoLoadX Named to Top 25 in 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge

Why Forwarders and NVOCC's Matter More Than Ever

Game Over! How Retail Just Won the Last Mile

China on the Rise: What You Need to Know

The One Infographic Every Freight Forwarder Needs to Grow Globally

Buying Blind: When Cheap Is Expensive

Walmart Acquisition: Another Reason Logistics Rules

The Jones Act: What You Need to Know

Flexport’s Billion-Dollar Deal: This Rising Tide Can Lift All Boats

Here’s The One Chart You Need to Understand the Future of Ocean Freight

How to Get Back to Business When the Storm Clouds Clear

The Shocking Truth About Artificial Intelligence and Ocean Freight

Disasters and the Logistics of Black Swans

5 Ways to Grow Your Business (From the Beach)

The Hidden Cost of A Quote (And How to Avoid It)

Five Things An Online Freight Platform Must Do For Your Business

How Technology Can Protect Your Profits

Looking for Logistics Innovation? Keep Your Eyes on Startups

Whitepaper Excerpt: Lower Your Fixed Costs

Freight is Getting Bigger. And Also Smaller.

What the Cyberattack on Maersk Means for your Logistics Business

Here’s the Secret to Taking Your Freight Logistics Business Global

How Logistics Became the new Prime Real Estate

Focused on Price in Logistics? You're Missing the Point

Our New Whitepaper: Introducing Ocean Freight "Logistics as a Service"

Keep Your Ocean Freight Vendors Honest

Why Data is the Lighthouse for Ocean Freight Logistics

How Do Freight Forwarders Add Value to the Global Supply Chain?

Here's How to Win the World Series of Logistics

Our Formula: Technology + Neutrality = Growth

How One Freight Forwarder Saved 25% and Doubled Their Profit Margin with CoLoadX

Is the YARA Birkeland About Autonomy or Emissions?

What Can David Letterman Teach Us About Freight Shipping?

How the Supersized Era of Container Shipping Is Changing the way Ports Work

Logistics Doesn’t Need To Be A Soap Opera

How Trust Is The Key To Disruption

How Logistics - Not Technology - Controls the Future of Ecommerce

Your Biggest Freight Pricing Problem...Solved!

How Big Have Vessels Gotten in Ocean Shipping’s “Supersized” Era?

Freight Forwarders Shouldn’t Feel Threatened by Automation, Says Supply Chain DIVE

You Waste A Lot Of Time On Signing Shipping Contracts

U.S. Container Import Numbers Balloon, Despite Threats on International Trade From Washington

Former Hanjin Counsel Outlines Major Problems in The Logistics Industry

Can forwarders and NVO’s Survive the Digital Logistics Revolution?

How Neutrality Will Save the Day For Freight Forwarders

Will Platforms Ever Take Over the Logistics Industry?

Can It "Fit Into a Container"? 3 PRO TIPs to Make Sure It Does

What Does A Trump Administration Mean For Container Shipping?

How Will Your Business Lose Out from the AliBaba & Maersk Deal?

Are You A Great Freight Forwarder?

The “Relationship Business” Paradox in Logistics

Where Freight Goes Digital, Money Gets Made

As Hanjin Falls NVOCCs Rise

What’s Behind The Rise In Small Business Interest?

$500K Ain’t What It Used To Be…

Small Is the New Big

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